Working with a very tiny brush!

When I first started Rudgeoriginals over 10 years ago, I specialised in pet portraits. I must have produced well over a hundred acrylic paintings over the years, before moving on to other subject matters, and different media.

Occasionally I still get asked to paint one, and when I do I enjoy cracking the eggs, getting out my smallest brush and painting each individual hair!

They begin looking somewhat scruffy….




Layers are built up gradually from dark to light, and before long it starts to look lifelike.




Armed with a 3/0 sable brush, I am able to refine the layers of fur until you can make out every whisker! This tiny portrait is a mere 4 inches square…..




Caroline Rudge

I'm Caroline Rudge, an artist living and working in Wiltshire, UK. I specialise in the beautiful and ancient medium of Egg Tempera.

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