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100 Days of Mini Rudgeoriginals….

  Almost a year has passed since I embarked on my 100 day project of creating a mini portrait each day for a hundred consecutive days….. I thought you’d like a little reminder of some of the highlights….and a little movie showing the complete set!   Each portrait measured 5...


Gilding 101

Nothing fills me with joy as much as the look of genuine gold on a smooth panel waiting to be burnished or embossed….the potential of the gilded surface before the paint is even thought about….So, I thought I would introduce you to a little lesson in gilding. Lots of words and...

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Copper the Birthday Dog

It is always enjoyable to be asked to do a pet portrait for a special occasion – and this one was no exception.     I begin by composing a rough drawing on tracing paper in order to place it on the board. An accurate, but subtle pencil outline is...