Mail Me Art – an international mail art project!

A few weeks ago, I was at my talented artist friend’s house (, and she showed me a gorgeous miniature painting she had made which she was going to give away for free!


She explained that this was for an international art project called Mail Me Art….




Quite simply, you purchase the book from a previous exhibition – it includes a card template for you to make your image on – and when you’ve completed your work of art you put in in the post box back to them! It will be then be featured in a forthcoming exhibition, and possibly their next publication!

I was sold!

One book later I primed my square of card, and in true rudgeoriginals fashion, I smothered it in Gold!





I scribed the lines into the surface with an etching tool, chose my pigments and set to painting two lovely feathers. from a Jay and a woodpecker.




Trouble is, I don’t want to part with it just yet! The deadline is August, so I can keep it for a while yet……

Caroline Rudge

I'm Caroline Rudge, an artist living and working in Wiltshire, UK. I specialise in the beautiful and ancient medium of Egg Tempera.

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