A little Birdy.

A little while ago, I had a chair reupholstered by a friend of mine. Instead of traditional payment, we agreed on a skills exchange…..




She as a professional upholsterer will make my chair beautiful if I paint her some pictures of what she loves best – fabric!

I chose some lovely offcuts she had given me.

She loves my gilded paintings, so it was inevitable that I would use it for these…




The colours of the fabric were lovely deep earthy reds, so I was happy to get the jars of pigments out and mix the paint myself.

I blocked in the main shapes, and started work on the detailing…..




A few layers of cross hatching the red to bring out the highlights, and emphasise the shadows and it starts to look like fabric…..




Part one finished……





Caroline Rudge

I'm Caroline Rudge, an artist living and working in Wiltshire, UK. I specialise in the beautiful and ancient medium of Egg Tempera.

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